The Alpha and Omega

The Angel of Metatron's Keep

The Creator's Forgotten Hand

The sun rose on a tired and changed party, and although some had slept little (no thanks to their infatuated neighbors, one room over), there was much to be done.

Firstly, some new supplies were needed: more water skins, some helmets for the fighters, and significant quantities of pure alcohol for Vir.

While purchasing the latter, the group once again heard stories of the creature haunting the cathedral’s bell tower: it may have been man or monster, but it invariably showed up at night as little more than a shadow, such a great distance up. As it did, people seemed to be disappearing. Finally piqued, the travelers agreed to investigate.

The task proved to be more difficult than had been anticipated. When asked directly, the members of the church turned them away, instructing them to seek no further information on the topic. Deciding that further investigation would need to be more covert, the group resolved to return some nights later after more information had been gathered.

There was scarce more information to be found. Though Vir and Uni managed to spot a shadow moving atop the bell tower — confirming the rumors of the creature’s existence — nothing new besides the pedestrian tales of terrible monsters snatching innocents arose. Indeed, apart from similar timing and blatant insistence, nothing was found to link the creature to the disappearances. Finally, a plan was hatched to find a way to confront the creature in person.

While the elves and dwarf waited outside, Abdul was led in by Leo and Father Greg, who asked the men there for a study wherein they could teach the southerner of the Creator. Accompanied by Ethrean’s familiar Oso, Abdul quickly slipped away, searching for a way up, relaying information to the elf outside, who in turn instructed Uni in the construction of a map.

All at once, Ethrean’s telepathic link to Oso went quiet; though the raven was alive, it made no response to the elf’s queries. The group outside began to grow concerned, but decided to give the others a half hour at least before attempting to intervene. In that time, the ex-Holy Hand soldier and the priest found their way after the southerner, up a steep spiral staircase which led to the bell tower.

Reaching the top, Greg was instantly struck blind, while Leo was struck unconscious; the man slumped down. Awed by his proximity to a divine entity, Greg attempted to communicate with the creature, but was met with emotionless condescension. Moments later the source of the aura vanished, leaving the three (plus one) party members to recover.



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