The Alpha and Omega

To War

The Crusade Begins, and Abdul Returns Home

The next morning, there came at the door a knock. Beyond stood a priest of the Church, who immediately accosted Leo, declaring that the night’s trespass was punishable by death. No longer comfortable in that room, the group moved across the street, to keep an eye on who might come for them.

But the incident left them more inquisitive than ever, and that night they returned. Using Vir’s earth manipulation, Greg entered the bell-tower again. This time, he had a chance to talk with the angel, whose name, he learned, was Raphael. Raphael had been sent to the world twelve years prior — the same year Dante had entered the world — though for what task, he could not recall. Explaining this coincidence to the angel, Greg asked him to join the party; Raphael, for lack of an alternative, agreed.

The following morning the group met once more with the Commander of the Holy Hand, who informed them that the Pope would be making an important announcement that most of them had best attend. Leo, however, would not be able to: he was to be held for questioning and then trial. And so he and the travelers split ways.

That afternoon, to the uproarious affirmation of the entire Holy City, the Pope announced the first Crusade, to “take back the son of the Creator” from the South. With their security quickly waning, the party chartered a boat to depart immediately for the South, hoping to arrive with enough warning to prepare the southern cities for an unwanted war.

The trip was not without incident, however; some days in, a ship flying no colors was spotted. It was gaining quickly, and the sailors made ready for a fight with pirates. As it turned out, they needn’t have: though Uni’s illusions of Scorpions mounted on the deck didn’t deter the pirates, Vir’s flame quickly ignited much of their ship, forcing them to abandon the chase.

Arriving at last in Ahura Mazada, Abdul, once more in familiar territory, immediately led them to the city’s Sultan, insisting on an audience. But the man, too afraid to believe the Crusade to be true, ended the conference and threw them out of the city. Deciding to take their news to a higher authority, Abdul rented camels, and they set out for the capitol of the south, Al-Qods.

Along the way, the group was stopped from crossing a rope bridge over a ravine by a particularly nasty troll. Though the troll was knocked into the ravine, one of the camels also fell in; neither were seen or heard from gain.

And so the party arrived in Al-Qods, one camel short.



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