Ethrean Farwalker



Race: Elf
Strength: 8
Dexterity: 14
Agility: 13
Constitution: 13
Intellect: 16
Magic Talent: 22
Faith: 6
Will: 18

Base Hit Points: 75

General EP : 96
Adventure EP : 0

Fight Skills

Skill Weapon DoM LR Description
MAGE CR I N/A 2 88 +2 CR
DR I Quarterstaff 1 72 +1 DR
Initiative I N/A 1 68 -5 Assessment Roll

Mundane Skills

Tree Name DoM LR Description
NATURALIST Neophyte Naturalist 1 76 Identify common plants and animals.

Mage Spells

Tree Name DoM LR Description
CHAOS Weapon Energize I (base) 1 106 +2 damage.
CHAOS Chaos Shield (base) 2 106 Tower shield, 6 points of armor.
CHAOS Chaos Lock(base) 3 106 Trap doing d6+8 damage.
CHAOS Lightning Bolt (powerword) 3 106 2d6 worth of damage, +3 CR.
CHAOS Chaos Armor (base) 5 106 1d12 magical armor.
CHAOS Spell Unraveller (base) 6 102 Abate magic perilously
DETECTION Sensitivity (base) 1 88 Detects any Mage or Clerical magic and power level.
DETECTION Atmospherics (base) 3 88 Detect any magic and its power level.
MYSTIC THEORY Mystic Theory III 3 92 +150% SPP, +30% CC, -3 fatigue
ORDER Break (powerword) 1 106 Break up to 30 kg.
ORDER Create Simple Familiar (base) 1 98 Use a natural animal as Familiar.
ORDER Mend (base) 1 98 Repair broken objects.
ORDER Minor Bindings (base) 2 98 Bind up to 800 kg.

Background Skills

Swimming, Wilderness Survival, Small-Boat Sailing, Leatherwork, Climbing.


“Go now son, and learn all they teach you. The village needs this, and it’s an honor that you should be chosen. Wipe that tear my son, all will be well. That storm may have taken my leg, but I’ve still got my hands. Your mother and I will be just fine. So go now, and make us proud.”

Along the shores of Heramiriel, home of the elves, there was once a small village of simple elves. The days were sunny and warm, and the nights cool but comfortable. Far enough away from the towns of Estasinome and Le’melon, the village went mostly unperturbed. They held their own festivals, crafted their own goods, sowed their own crops, and mostly let the world pass them by, as elves often do. Many years were passed in blissful harmony, a quiet village where none were a stranger, and all were treated kindly. Such was the childhood of Ethrean Farwalker, his father a tanner and his mother a specialist in healing plants.

Sadly, it is villages such as these that are hit hardest by troubled times. Ethrean came to the end of his childhood when a storm of unknown origins—be it magical, natural, or from the wrath of some deity—ravaged the village. Many were left injured in the wake of the storm, and much of the village was destroyed. A healer from Le’melon rushed to the villages aide, but due to the delay, many villagers died or were left permanently crippled; Ethrean’s father lost his left leg, amputated on the village green, as Ethrean helped hold him down.

In light of the disaster, the village came together in recognition of their need for a caster of magic. The sorrow and grief still fresh in their hearts, they begged the healer to take an apprentice so that they might prevent the loss of so many lives next time a disaster struck. While the healer said he had no time to take an apprentice, he offered to take several of the younger elves to a sage in the forest who would teach them the ways of Order and Healing. Ethrean was one of those selected by the healer, having a strong spark for the magical ways within his heart.

Deep into the woods of Heramiriel they traveled, to the places where the elves still follow the old ways, and the trees are ripe with magic and age. There the young elves met an elder sage, wizened and ancient. With earnest they trained under his tutelage, spending many days in deep meditation, discovering the harmony of life that they would bestow and uphold. The first year passed quickly in solemn study. Soon some of the others began to forget their village and their reasons for coming to the sage. Ethrean never forgot. As the months passed and home began to fade more and more from the others minds, a sense of foreboding began to stir in Ethrean. After 2 years of tutelage, he begged the sage permission to return to his village.

The sage warned him that he would not be able to continue his training should he leave, but that another sage in the north woods might teach him should he still wish to learn more. Permission granted he fled to the village, his hearty heavy with worry and doubt. Ragged and exhausted from his trek, he arrived to find a burnt out shell of what used to be his home. Corpses riddled the village green; headless, legless, covered in arrows, cut in half, burnt to a cinder. In shock, Ethrean wandered down to the beach that had once been his favorite childhood play spot. There he his father pinned to a tree, the spear holding him broken off half-way down the shaft.
“Raiders my son. Gone not a day ago. Couldn’t believe we didn’t have any gold or wealth. Slaughtered so many. A few got away. My how you’ve grown.” Soon after, help came from the neighboring villages. The first group found Ethrean crying next to the corpse of his father—a smile across his father’s lips. By the time the second group arrived, Ethrean was gone.

The anger and fear in Ethrean festered as he fled from his home. Knowing he couldn’t stand to be on the island anymore, he left Heramiriel and traveled to the North Woods. There he discovered another sage, this time of a more eclectic nature. From pubescence on to adulthood, Ethrean trained with the sage. Finally equipped well enough to journey forth, the sage sent Ethrean away, to experience the world and learn of its ways.

Ethrean now travels the world in a state of curiosity, learning much that he never knew about while on the island of the elves. Slow to verbalize, Ethrean has developed a strong will to protect others and make things right. He knows that someday he will return home to protect the peaceful villages that still exist, yet he knows that he is still not ready for that. The ache in his heart is still too tender, and his father’s warning of “the hand” too vague for him to return.

Ethrean Farwalker

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