Sameera Malik

Queen of Waset



EP: 2000/2250

Race: Southern

Con Str Agi Dex Int Wil
10 8 9 14 (+1)14 (+2)16
Blood Favor Stamina
56 28 74

Languages: Northern, Southern, Elvish
Handedness: Right

Racial Abilities

Tree Skill Tier EP Description
Human Diversity (P) Distribute 3 trait points across 1 or more traits
Human Quick Learner (P) 100 bonus EP towards Mundane Skills

Martial Abilities

Tree Skill Tier EP Description
Command Call the Shots 2 2.0 300 (P) Allies gain +2 to one combat rating.
Command CHARGE 1.1 100 (A) Allies gain increased movement speed and +Wil/2 damage.
Command RETREAT 1.1 100 (A) Allies movement speed increased by 1 stage and +2 Def.
Command HOLD THE LINE 1.1 100 (A) Ally’s positions cannot be manipulated.
Command ATTACK 1.2 100 (A) Target makes a basic attack.
Command Inspiring Presence 1.3 100 (P) Allies gain +1 to Att and Pow and +5 to mundane skills

Arcane Abilities

Tree Skill Tier EP Description
Elemancy Elemental Manipulation 1 1.0 100 (A) Control 0.001x cubic meters of an element.
Elemancy Healing Waters 1.1 100 (A) Enchants water to heal 1 hit point per second.
Elemancy Water Breathing 1.2 100 (A) Target can breathe under water.
Elemancy Water Strike 1.2 100 (A) 2d6+Str/4 physical damage ignoring Str/2 armor.
Elemancy Body Suit 1.3 100 (A) Target gains Str/4 magical armor.
Elemancy Fog 1.3 100 (A) Creates fog in an area.
Spellcasting Efficiency 2 2.0 300 (P) -2 stamina cost for arcane spells.
Spellcasting Sense Magic ? 100 (A) Aware of the presence & approx. power of nearby magic.

Mundane Abilities

Tree Skill Tier EP Description
Communications People Person 2 2.0 150 (P) Literacy and +10 to communications.
Communications Writing 1.1 50 (P) Write well.
Communications Public Speaking 1.1 50 (P) Speak to crowds.

My mother spent much of her life gaining meaningful connections with the citizens of Waset. She was a natural public speaker, and she held the values of the community close to her heart. She met a man who impressed her with his magic abilities to control water. He was part Elvish, and had traveled his whole life. They fell in love, and were joined as one. Soon thereafter, the previous king was found to have been using public resources to build his private funding, and a new election arose. My mother was the popular vote, and began her reign as the second queen in the history of Waset. About three years later, she became pregnant. However, her pregnancy was plagued with complications, and though I survived, she passed away during labor. During this time, with the support of the town, my aunt stepped in as the new leader. My father was a very educated, quiet and caring man, and did everything he could to be the best father for me. He taught me how to speak Elvish and how to control my magic abilities, which I inherited from him. My aunt was also a large part of my life. With the help of her and my father, I learned to read and write from a very young age. As I grew up, I studied many subjects, including philosophy, history, literature, and communications. This knowledge served me well as I followed in the footsteps of my mother and aunt. I spent much of my time outside of my studies building relationships with people in my town. A few years into my adulthood, a large outbreak of disease infected the majority of the elder adults in the town. Both my aunt and father became very ill. They passed away within two weeks of one another. To honor my family, I decided to run as a candidate in the next election. I was chosen to serve as Queen of Waset. I try to keep a strong connection with the citizens of the town to make sure I am aware of any issues and serve as a true representation of their wishes. To do this, I spend many hours speaking with individuals and roam the city frequently in a parade for the town.

Sameera Malik

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