If you're bad, the Sackman will come and get you!


The Sackman is a legend that is very prevalent in the Western Northern Kingdom. Parents tell their children that if they do bad things, the Sackman will take them away in the dead of night. The idea is to scare the kids into better behavior. The legend is quite old, and no one knows how it began. The town of BorĂ¥s was actually attacked by the Sackman, confirming the truth behind the myth. The Sackman was a tall creature that wore a red jumpsuit and has a large burlap sack over its head. It was common to see it carrying a large sack and some candy to try to lure children away. Along with the “man” there were also Sackboys, smaller creatures made completely of burlap. The Sackboys seemed to be filled with bugs and other foul things and had the ability to cause great fear.

The Sackman died like a bitch.


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