Sebastian Lionel

Leading a rugged life up to this point, Sebastian continues to strive towards discovering his true potential.



Race: Human
Strength: 16
Dexterity: 16
Agility: 11
Constitution: 16
Intellect: 15
Magic Talent: 8
Faith: 17
Will: 17

Base Hit Points: 82

General EP : 1

Fight Skills

Skill Weapon DoM LR Description
BLOWS I Mace 1 100 +1 Blows
CR II Mace 2 115 +2 CR
DR I Mace 1 75 +1 DR

Mundane Skills

Tree Name DoM LR Description
EXPLORER Neophyte Explorer 1 79 Discover basics.
OUTDOORSMAN Novice Outdoorsman 1 74 Track creatures and fundamental camping techniques.

Cleric Spells

Tree Name DoM LR Description
BLESSINGS Fortune 1 85 +/-5% for chance encounters
BLESSINGS Reinforce 1 85 No break on Faith save
BLESSINGS Gods Arm 2 85 +3 Strength
COMBAT Combat II 2 83 +1 CR,DR,PR; +1 S,D,A; Ignore Stun:20%;Unc:10%; -4 Assess
PRAYER Prayer III 3 79 +150% SPP, +30% CC
PRAYER Bequest 3 79 2*Prayer DoMs with CT=3
WAR Blessing of War 1 84 2pts magical armor
WAR Armor of Faith 3 84 10 pt mundane armor
WAR Divine Intervention 5 84 abs 50 dmg

Background Skills

Wilderness Survival, Climbing, Music, Art, Swimming.


Coming from a wealthy family in the North, Sebastian lived a privileged life for his first six years of existence. He lived safely behind city walls, learning to read and write at an early age. His father worked as an adviser to one of the city’s nobles (Keith, once you establish cities, I can give this concrete setting and possibly establish the noble’s name), while his mother worked as a seamstress during the little free time she had. The family ate well at night, and slept soundly behind the protective veil of (the city).

A few weeks after Sebastian’s sixth birthday, his parents took him on a journey. His father had been requested in (a different city) for a weeks stay, and didn’t feel comfortable leaving his wife and small child behind. Instead, he arranged for them to accompany him. The (noble of the new city they’re traveling to) agreed that the wife and child could come. The family of three left by carriage shortly after.

Traveling a beaten path through the woods, dusk had fallen on their day of travel. The family was unprepared, and had no supplies to stop and make camp for the night. Sebastian’s father insisted they press through the night. The carriage driver argued with his employer, but Sebastian’s father won out. They drove forward for many hours.

Sebastian Lionel

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