The Mother

Leader of the Nizārī


Southerner in her late fifties. She is of average height and quite thin. Has shoulder length jet black hair that is always tied up in a bun. Usually seen wearing a black cloak and half moon spectacles. Wears a golden chain with a raven’s head charm on it, one eye is a ruby and the other a sapphire. She can usually be found in her office reading or doing paperwork.


Mother inherited the leadership of the Nizari from her father before her who died in action. Since her leadership began Mother had a different idea for the Nizari. She hoped that under her rule the organization could do something to help the world instead of just being a group of assassins for hire; however, to do this she would need to right people. Even though she had many friends and connections in the right places, and a plethora of men and women at her disposal, Mother was not comfortable allowing so many people to become involved with her master plan. This feeling continued for many years.

When Her daughter Jasmine brought Abdul back to headquarters when returning home from one of her assignments she immediately saw the same qualities in him that she saw in herself. He was athletic, clever, cunning, ruthless, and had a sort of purpose about him as if he had something to prove. Although she immediately accepted him into the Nizari, and he was immediately her favorite child, barring Jasmine, she did not make Abdul’s life easy. For months he underwent training and conditioning regiments she had not even made her strongest men attempt. Upon completion she gave him tasks which she was nervous to send even her daughter on. Abdul always returned home, and the task was always completed.

After a few years of exceptional service Mother promoted Abdul, giving him the title of ‘Left Hand’ to match Jasmine’s title of ‘Right Hand’. The hands of mother were summoned t her office, and it was now that Mother told them, and only them about her plan to help the world.

“we are going to start a revolution in the north, the Holy Hand must be eliminated.” “yes mother.”

The Mother

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