Uni Silia-Laurum

Just an ordinary mage.



Race: Elf
Strength: 9
Dexterity: 11
Agility: 12
Constitution: 10
Intellect: 18
Magic Talent: 22
Faith: 5
Will: 18

Base Hit Points: 69

Languages: Elvish, Northern, Southern
Handedness: Left

General EP : 178
Adventure EP : 0

Fight Skills

Skill Weapon DoM LR Description
MAGE CR I N/A 1 84 +1 CR
DR I Quarterstaff 1 67 +1 DR

Mundane Skills

Tree Name DoM LR Description
CARTOGRAPHER Neophyte Cartographer 1 76 Read maps.
SECURITY SYSTEMS Security Systems I 1 77 Pick locks with base Security Roll, detect traps or find secret doors -10%, and remove traps -20%.

Mage Spells

Tree Name DoM LR Description
DETECTION Sensitivity (base) 1 94 Detects any Mage or Clerical magic and power level.
DETECTION Atmospherics (base) 3 94 Detect any magic and its power level.
ENHANCEMENT Simple Self-Healing (powerword) 1 94 2d6 healing.
LIGHT/DARK Dark (base) 1 98 Darkness fills the area.
LIGHT/DARK Light (base) 1 98 Small, portable light.
LIGHT/DARK Flash (base) 2 98 Blind for 30 seconds.
LIGHT/DARK Lensing (base) 2 98 Focus or redirect light.
LIGHT/DARK Shadow Blur (base) 2 98 +2 to DR and Stealth.
LIGHT/DARK Hypnotic Pattern (base) 3 98 Entrancing pattern.
LIGHT/DARK Light Spear (powerword) 3 98 2d8 damage not stopped by non-magical armor.
LIGHT/DARK Static Light Illusion (base) 4 98 Create visual illusion.
MYSTIC THEORY Mystic Theory IV 4 98 +200% SPP, +40% CC, -4 fatigue.
SPELL CASTING Spell Casting I 1 98 Cast time -5 pulses.
TIME Insight (base) 1 102 One or two word comment as aid.
TIME Battle Time (base) 1 102 +10 initiative/assessment.

Background Skills

Swimming, Climbing, Fishing, Small-Boat Sailing, Knot Tying.


Daughter of Taorë Laurum, a well-known councilor to the king of the elves, and an apprentice shipwright known only to her mother, Uni is an intelligent, curious, and magically-skilled elf of sixty-four years (young adulthood).

When Taorë realized she was pregnant, rather than risk the political fallout of a child born outside of marriage, and as the pregnancy would be as much an embarrassment to the royal family as to her, she consulted with high councilor Maenor Silia, a close personal friend, who offered her an arrangement: give up the father’s name and be exiled to human lands under the guise of a long-term diplomatic mission, and he would ensure her secret was kept, raising Uni as his own daughter.

She accepted, and rumors promptly began circulating that the high councilor’s wife was pregnant, and that she herself was undergoing diplomatic training and a ritual meditation in preparation for a big assignment. The high councilor confronted the shipwright, who the next day quietly set sail for lands unknown.

Several months after Uni was born, Taorë Laurum was given a warm send-off, and departed for the human capitol city to establish the first diplomatic embassy in elvish history, sparing only a single glance at the child nestled in her adoptive mother’s arms. Years passed, and the so-called Uni Silia grew into an inquisitive young elf with a firm grasp of magic. As the high councilor’s child, she was afforded the best education available, with a strong focus on developing her magic.

When she reached adulthood, the aging Maenor sat her down and explained the entirety of their lie. Uni could no more easily accept her mother’s lineage than reject it — instead, she chose a half-measure, appending her mother’s surname to her adoptive father’s, even if only to a small circle of individuals.

At Uni’s request, with the next official diplomatic communiqué to the human capitol, Maenor included a short letter Uni had penned, introducing herself and asking if she might be able to meet. Taorë replied to her daughter immediately, warmly inviting her to meet in the city. With her adoptive father’s blessing, Uni began preparations to leave within the week.

However, when her mother’s diplomatic missive failed to arrive on time, Maenor grew concerned. Two days after it was expected, an official letter arrived — only it wasn’t written by Taorë, but rather one of her aides. According to the letter, Taorë had left the elvish embassy the day after writing her daughter a letter, and hadn’t returned.

Uni finished her preparations and set off to the human capitol, her plans to meet her mother impeded, but otherwise unchanged.

Uni Silia-Laurum

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