Vir Tagro



Race: Elf
Strength: 9
Dexterity: 10
Agility: 10
Constitution: 8
Intellect: 18
Magic Talent: 22
Faith: 10
Will: 18

Base Hit Points: 60

General EP : 93

Fight Skills

Skill Weapon DoM LR Description
MAGE CR III N/A 3 82 +3 CR
Initiative I N/A 1 48 -5 to assessment roll.
DR I Buckler 1 68 +1 DR

Mage Spells

Tree Name DoM LR Description
ELEMENTAL EARTH Minor Earth Manipulation (basic) 1 98 Manipulate 0.03 m^3
ELEMENTAL EARTH Major Earth Manipulation (basic) 2 98 Manipulate 0.3 m^3.
ELEMENTAL EARTH Greater Earth Manipulation (basic) 7 98 Shape 3 m^3.
ELEMENTAL FIRE Minor Fire Manipulation (basic) 1 98 Control 0.03 m^3 of fire.
ELEMENTAL FIRE spark (basic) 2 98 2d6 fire damage.
ELEMENTAL FIRE Fire Bolt (powerword) 3 98 3d6 fire damage.
MYSTIC THEORY Mystic Theory V 5 98 +250% SPP, +50% CC, -5 fatigue.

Background Skills

Geology, Sculpture, Nature, Pottery, Cooking.


Vir Tagro grew up where most elves do – the island Héramiriel. Most of his life was spent at school studying elemancy like his parents. His father was an earth mage and his mother a fire mage. They were regarded as the authorities in their respective field’s across Héramirie. When Vir wasn’t at school his parents were training him in their respective elements. He spent all his time training and studying. If Vir wasn’t playing earth chess with his father he was playing fireball (pong but with fire) with his mother. All of his days were schedules of nothing but training. He did not have much of a social life beyond the weekly dinners his family attended with the royalty.

You can image Vir became unsettled with his lack of freedom and at the age of 60 he began to play a trip – without his parents consent – to the mainland to have a life of his own. He knew he parents were going to a council to discuss the elvish position on tensions on the mainland. Vir would use this two week event to slip away to the mainland and explore

Vir Tagro

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