Scourge, the blade reforged

Salim family saber and heirloom known for its potency against mythical creatures.

weapon (melee)
  • Master Craftsman (+1 Att, +1 Damage, +1 PA)
  • High Carbon Steel (+2 ArPen, +1 PA)
  • Metallurgy (+1 ArPen, +1 Damage, +1 Defense)
  • +1d4 true damage against mythical creatures, 2d4 against dragons

The sword of Ali Salim. Ali used Scourge to slay the dragon Vul Sivas. It was this feat that earned the sword it’s first name, ‘Dragonbane’, for its ability to pierce dragonhide. When Ali died, Dragonbane fell into the hands of Abdul, Ali’s grandson. During his capture in the Holy City, Dragonbane was confiscated and lost. During their travels the party was told that in exchange for saving the boy Dante, Abdul would have his sword returned to him. Eager to reclaim his most prized and hallowed possession, he got Dante out of Himmelburg, and so Dragonbane was returned to its rightful owner.

Abdul used Dragonbane to kill the manticore inside of the Iblis fortress. Killing the manticore opened Abdul’s eyes to the sword’s true name ‘Scourge’, for it was not only more effective against dragons, but all mythical creatures. Abdul carried Scourge proudly, hoping to bring continued honor to the Salim name and to match his grandfather’s achievements by slaying the dragon terrorizing Oir.

Scourge was destroyed in the Iblis dungeon when Abdul touched the sword to the statue in Pride’s lair. After mourning the loss of the last memento of his grandfather, he decided it was not Scourge that defined him, but his bloodline. More eager than ever, Abdul prepares to face the dragon in Oir, hoping that slaying the dragon will reincarnate Scourge within his new adamantine blade acquired from Von Sterban’s foretress. However, Abdul was confronted by Mr. May, who wished to possess the new weapon. In exchange for the mighty weapon, Mr. May revealed Abdul the only thing that would have made him give it up, Scourge, in perfect condition. Now with his best friend again by his side, the party travels on, without their divine weapon, to find Dante.

Scourge, the blade reforged

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