The Alpha and Omega

Second Chances

Lining the streets of The Holy City, conflict suddenly boiled over into riot. Chants against The Church, as well as direct attacks at the new ruling leader, Holy Father Linus Sixtus XIII filled the air. The feelings of unrest were long overdue, but the riots were unexpected.

As peaceful protests turned violent, law enforcers were forced with few options, and eventually resorted to violence of their own. Protesters and innocent bystanders alike were beaten and corralled, herded off to the prisons. The Holy City cleared their streets with brute force, tossing both the deserving and the undeserving in jail.

After the incident in the streets, all accused were held for three days with no information. Crammed like cattle, as many as sixty prisoners were held in large, stone cells. On the third day, conflict again began brewing.

The conflict inadvertently began with a Southerner, Abdul-Hamid Salim. The man was lying in his bed, minding his own business, when he was approached by a mysterious man dressed in a nice suit. Smoke from the mans cigarette billowed into the air, wafting into Abdul’s face. After exchanging pleasantries, Abdul learned that the man was named Mr. May, and that Mr. May had “connections.” Abdul was presented with the opportunity of possible freedom, for an undisclosed fee at a later date. Taking little time to ponder, Abdul accepted Mr. May’s proposal with a handshake. Mr. May then disappeared into the crowd. No sooner had the man vanished than the doors swung open. Confused, inmates began rushing from the stone rooms. Many prisoners mobbed the guards, who fought back with wooden clubs. Knowing the doors would open, Abdul reacted quickly, and picked out the most scrawny and vulnerable inmate he could find: Father Grigori, a priest of the church.

Abdul tears across the room, and tackles Father Greg at a full sprint. Both men toppled to the ground, and Father Greg laid stunned and confused. Whispering to Father Greg, Abdul coaxed him to play along with the act, and proceeded to reign punches on the helpless, clueless priest. Inmates rushed around them. An alarm began to sound, coming from the door at the far end of the room. Stationed in front of the door were two guards wielding clubs, and a Captain wielding a long sword. This door was the only door leading to civilization.

In another cell, three inmates reacted to the mass confusion by searching out each other. Raku Aankorra, a dwarf, immediately began searching for an Elf he had become acquainted with during their three day stay. The Elf, named Vir Tagro, also had a similar idea, and searched intently for his dwarven friend. After pushing and shoving their way through the crowd, the two meet up with each other and began to exit the cell, attempting to look for their belongings. Uni Silia-Laurum, a female Elf inmate, saw the two minority inmates leaving together, and decided they were her best bet at escape. After pushing through the narrow exit of their cell, they found themselves face-to-face with a club-wielding guard. They mobbed the man, beating his face and grabbing at his weapon.

In the cell next to Raku, Vir, and Uni, Sebastian Lionel reacted to the riot with anger. Leo, a member of The Holy Hand, felt that being held in jail for the past three days was ridiculous, due to his high level of authority over the men holding him. He decided to take out the pent-up anger on the first man that pushed past him as the doors flung open. Leo attempted to punch the man in the face, but missed and delivered a blow to the leg. The man took the blow to the leg, and then took a club to the head, knocking him unconscious. Leo took this opportunity to attempt to lift the unconscious man. After a bit of a struggle, Leo heaved the unconscious prisoner at the guard. The guard took the lump of unconscious meat in the chest, staggering backwards slightly. Leo made a grab for the guard’s club.

As Abdul cleared off of Father Greg, he began moving towards the guard outside of his cell. After a bit of hand-to-club combat, Abdul began to wrestle away the guard’s club. Father Greg crawled out of the cell, and made his way, on his hands and knees, towards the corner of the room. He attempted to present himself as non-threateningly as possible. Raku, Vir, and Uni continued their battle against the guard stationed outside of their cell, and Leo did the same. The bell had stopped ringing by this point, and one of the guards stationed next to the Captain began to open the door leading to freedom. Three men wearing black robes embroidered with a golden eye entered through the open door. Prisoners continued to riot, but suddenly began dropping like flies. First, Uni was knocked unconscious by a magical force, then Raku, followed by Vir, Leo, Father Greg, and finally, Abdul.

The six men awoke to find themselves chained together next to all of the other prisoners from the riot, sitting in chairs in the center of the room where the riot had taken place. The spellcaster wearing black robes addressed them, telling them they were to be executed in the city of Borås. They were to be taken by carriage, where they would await their immediate disposal.

Along the path to Borås, the rowdy bunch of prisoners attempted a few different escape plans, some of which included rocking the carriages back and forth, as well as singing. These attempts lead them nowhere, and lead to one prisoner being stabbed in the chest. After the death of one of the singing prisoners, the ride was quiet for the remainder of the journey.

Upon arriving in Borås, all prisoners were met and addressed by Henry Lysø, the warden. The group of prisoners were told that all would be sentenced to death. However, all of the prisoners were given another option; the warden was in need of volunteers to carry out a mission. Only six prisoners stepped forward. Those six were taken to a group cell, where they were fed and clothed a bit better, as well as given the opportunity to acquaint themselves with each other. The rest of the non-volunteers were sentenced to death.

After a day in the group cell, the six inmates were removed from the jail and summoned by the warden. Upon arriving at the warden’s office, Abdul, Raku, Vir, Uni, Father Greg, and Leo were told that their skills were needed in regards to a myth floating around the city. The group was told that children were going missing, and turning up weeks or months later unable or unwilling to speak to anyone. The warden told the party that rumors were circulating about a creature called the Sackman. The warden also stated that he didn’t believe in the superstition, and that he was convinced that the children were being taken by a delinquent human being. The groups mission was to get to the bottom of the occurrences, and stop any more children from being taken. The party was outfitted with weapons and equipment and began their assignment.

Raku, Vir, and Leo headed north, to look for clues along the path and in the surrounding area. They began talking to random farmers along the way, and each time the group was met with the same reserved, cautious warning: It’s none of your business, leave it alone. However, the group just wasn’t satisfied with that response, so they pressed onward.

Upon knocking on a strange door, Leo was invited inside for tea by an elderly woman who just wouldn’t take no for an answer. Leo snacked on biscuits and drank tea while the woman talked, only to find out the tea was blood and the biscuits were maggot-infested. In a terrifying display, the old woman turned witch, and let out a scream of terror. Winds began to swirl around the abandoned shack, and Leo was scratched and bitten. Vir came to Leo’s rescue by wielding his fire powers and sending fire down the witch’s throat. The party defeated the witch, and moved back to Boras.

While Leo, Vir, and Raku were fighting the witch, Greg and Uni investigated the abducted children’s houses. Finding candy under all of the beds, the two began to assume the pieces had something to do with the sack man.


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