Moritz the Magnificent



Race: Human
Strength: 13
Dexterity: 17
Agility: 19
Constitution: 16
Intellect: 16
Magic Talent: 6
Faith: 14
Will: 16

Base Hit Points: 80

General EP : -15

Fight Skills

Skill Weapon DoM LR Description
BLOWS II Rapier 2 104 +2 Blows
CR II Rapier 2 99 +2 CR
DR I Rapier 1 89 +1 DR
PR III Rapier 3 104 +3 PR

Mundane Skills

Tree Name DoM LR Description
ACROBATICS Acrobatics III 3 81 +10% Acrobatics Rolls; +1 DR
GENERAL THIEF General Thief I 1 82 Sleight of Hand and Confidence DoM 1.
GENERAL THIEF Run Like A Thief 2 82 +3 Agility when running or sprinting.
GENERAL THIEF General Thief IV 4 82 Acrobatics, Security Systems, and Stealth DoM 1.

Background Skills

Theater, Athletics, Climbing, Public Speaking, Knot Tying.


Moritz grew up as an orphan in a roaming carnival. As Moritz grew older, he learned all the tricks of the trade to running a carnival. By the time Moritz was 15, he was part of a troupe of acrobats renowned everywhere for their daring tumbles and extraordinary stagemanship.

By 17, Moritz had become the head of this troupe, but not for his athletic prowess. Moritz became head of the troupe through use of his mind and his flair for the dramatic. In a year, Moritz had taken the troupe to new heights. He added to his name ‘the magnificent’ and became famously rich.

But, as he became rich, he acquired enemies (some of them within the troupe). Moritz noticed the danger around him, but being young and carefree thought nothing of them. Despite Moritz’s lack of concern, events around him began to go awry. Branches would fall on his tent in the night, ladder rungs would break while climbing up in the middle of performances, and once during a staged swordfight, his fake foe’s sword was sharpened. Through all of this, Moritz persevered.

The last straw came when the trapeze’s rope snapped at the top of his arc and Moritz plummeted to the hard dirt ground. The last thing Moritz saw was his fiercest rival, Julian, smiling.

Moritz awoke naked and confused in the middle of the night. There was no one around him and the entire caravan had moved on. They had left him for dead. Moritz got up from the ground a changed man. Moritz stood up with vengeance in his heart.

…And then promptly died later that year in a horrible accident involving blood priests and a bloody chalice.

Moritz the Magnificent

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