Raku Aankorra



Race: Dwarf
Strength: 20
Dexterity: 17
Agility: 14
Constitution: 20
Intellect: 13
Magic Talent: 4
Faith: 4
Will: 16

Base Hit Points: 92

General EP : 0

Fight Skills

Skill Weapon DoM LR Description
Initiative II N/A 3 85 -10 Assessment Roll
BLOWS II War Hammer 2 113 +2 Blows
CR IV War Hammer 4 128 +4 CR
DR III War Hammer 2 88 +3 DR
BLOWS I Round Shield 1 113 +1 Blows
DR III Round Shield 3 103 +3 DR
PR III Round Shield 3 118 +3 PR

Mundane Skills

Tree Name DoM LR Description
BUSINESS Neophyte Businessman 1 78 Simple bookkeeping and business management.
TERRESTRIAL SCIENCES Mason 1 83 Work and dress stone. Spot new construction, sliding walls and secret doors in stone.

Background Skills

Geology, Wilderness Survival, Archaeology, Orienteering, Collections.


Deep within the steep facades of the Jalen Mountains, Raku Aankorra lied on the floor covered in his own blood. Raku stared up at his older brother in defeat. Raku thought to himself, “How could I have lost again another championship!.”

Reaching out for him, Raku’s brother helped him up. “It’s ok little man; you can win the title next year,” proclaimed Paku. Raku did not take this so kindly. His mind was always set on winning one of Dwarven Fighting Championship title. However, the last person he had to face the last three years was in fact the champion himself, Paku. Paku had been great fighter throughout his life while Raku had always been trying to keep up. However, this year the shadowing had gone way too far. Looking to outcast his brother, Raku thought he could win. “This year, this is the year I win,” he thought as the announcer was congratulating his brother on the stage handing his brother this year’s prize, an engraved war hammer made of the strongest metal forged in the dwarven mines.

Raku’s fury had grown strong from all the hatred throughout the years. Paku had always gloated on about his victories, and Raku had had enough. Late that night after his brother had fallen asleep in a drunken stupor, Raku decided to leave. He hastily packed all of his gear which did not included much. His clothes, a week’s worth of food, and a round shield he had gotten from his father when he passed. While opening the door to leave, Raku had noticed something. The engraved war hammer was sitting beside the door. Raku had thought the worst and took it with him.

Raku left his home city of Óir for the first time. Not many dwarfs leave Óir, but the ones who do, never come back. As the gates barely get out of site behind him, Raku started hearing footsteps. He quickly turned around and was shocked at the site. It was Paku. Paku was drunkenly sprinting at Raku yelling obscenities. Raku’s anger took the best of him as he picked up the war hammer beside him. With his best aim and all of his strength, Raku threw the hammer in fury towards his brother. Raku collapsed on the ground in a pant. He used all of his energy. Raku glanced up at his target. To his surprise he had hit Paku. However, the war hammer did more than hit Paku, it crushed his chest. Knowing there was no chance of Raku returning the dwarven capital city now, Raku picked up the hammer and dragged his brother’s lifeless body into the nearest forest. Raku didn’t have a shovel to dig a grave, so he just covered his body in a pile of branches, leaves, and other foliage.

Raku left with mixed feelings towards killing his own brother. He felt a weight was carried off his shoulders but also a heavy guilt had come over him. Pledging to himself and Paku’s dead body, Raku decided to head off the Holy City to start a new life, an adventurous life helping those who most need it.

Raku Aankorra

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